Share your work with the world

Help GROOVE document the times in which we are living by publishing your work on our inclusive blog. We share work within three containers:

1. ART

What is your experience of harmony?
Personal artwork or written commentary about another person’s artwork that you have experienced. Through images of the artwork along with a summary of the concept and aesthetic, please describe how the work promotes harmony, either individually, socially, and/or environmentally. All art forms welcome, including but not limited to photography, drawing, sculpture, music, poetry, dance, performance.


What creative paths have you found to wellness?
Guided practices or specific techniques that actively engage a person’s body and mind. Through an audio meditation, video exercise, journaling prompt, or step-by-step craft project, please provide a hands-on method that anyone with an internet connection can complete. All accessible exercises welcome, especially those that are sensitive to the intricacy of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.


What diverse methods of communication do you use?
Learned knowledge or new realizations that have enlightened your life. Through written essay, please expand upon the idea and how it is beneficial to finding your groove through both personal examples and supplemental research. All ideas welcome – the more radical, abstract, and philosophical, the better.

Submission Process

We accept all submissions that align with our mission! Each month we offer a new theme and rolling deadlines. Below is our current creative prompt:


**GROOVE does not ask for submission fees or exclusive publishing rights. As an extra bonus, our curator provides creative coaching/ editing to help you expand as a thinker and refine your voice as a groover!

Step 1. Email with an attached PDF or Google.doc containing your submission and author bio.

Step 2. Join our Facebook group for a supportive community.


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