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Self-care is all the rage these days. If you are in any circle related to Yoga, natural healing, and the new-agey craze of personal development, chances are that you are surrounded by reminders to “fill your cup first,” show yourself acts of kindness, and radically embrace yourself despite all the negative influences telling you otherwise. This is all good – this is all necessary…

But sometimes it makes me sick.

Sometimes, I look around and all I see is a world full of suffering with endless cycles of violence and poverty. Thinking about all the big problems that I cannot solve, I feel completely insignificant, and I drop down into an unsettling state of depression, seeing my efforts, my work and my life as meaningless. So why would I bother to fill my cup? Why would I show myself acts of kindness when all I am seeing around me are acts of ignorance? How do I free myself from the heaviness of these negative influences?

In spite of sounding ultra cliche… the answer lies in feeding my filthy soul.

When I start to see nourishment as something that is beyond my reach or a waste of my energy, I take a moment to shift my focus. Instead of trying to solve the world’s biggest problems, I focus on the small things that JUST MAKE ME FEEL GOOD. The things that give me deep enjoyment…

…like talking to my plants, and burning incense until my house is overflowing with sweet smells, and skipping my morning routine for extra snuggles with my partner, and drinking coffee in my grandmother’s rocking chair late in the morning, and walking down the street to pound down some tortilla chips and my favorite margarita in the city…

These are the things! These are the things that fill my cup, despite how mundane or unhealthy or trivial they might be. These are the things that make me feel good and provide the type of nourishment that I cannot find in trying to fill myself with “good” thoughts & things.

I say: focus on the small things, your daily desires for pleasure, the types of enjoyment that your filthy soul is seeking, because…

1) It’s completely self-destructive to remain in feeling like a waste of space

2) We exist on this bountiful planet, not to fix it, but to enjoyyyyyy it.

While it may feel wrong or selfish or indulgent to feed yourself while the world is starving, just remember that when you are nourished, you are one LESS human being who is not suffering… which is worth so much more than you know.

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Big thanks,

Maria Borghoff, GROOVE curator


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