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Most people understand the world through the gateway of the five physical senses and the five organs of perception: eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and skin. But whether we know it or not, whether we have a specific organ associated with the sensation, humans are feeling so much more than we give ourselves credit.

Have you ever had a weird feeling that you couldn’t explain?

Sometimes we sense things that are beyond our ability to articulate, but just because we don’t know what to call something or how to talk about it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist and that it isn’t valuable. Many people most readily feel the physical sensations that describe the external landscape of their world. But if you’ve ever felt depressed, or anxious, or excessively worried, then the sensations you are feeling are often a result of internal stimulus. Internally originating sensations are not always negative though – maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed with joy or elation, but there was no physical evidence to cause this feeling. Sometimes our sensations come at full force, directing us clearly in one way or another. Other times, we experience sensations at a more subtle level, where we indirectly perceive a part of our experience almost intuitively. They don’t teach us in school about internal sensations, but they are quite possibly the most important ones that we must navigate.

In the process of sensory perception, there exists an act of discernment.

First, we perceive information about an internal or external stimulus through sensation, either obvious or subtle, positive or negative. Then, we determine whether or not we approve or disapprove of that sensation, deciding whether or not to fully process the stimulus or to reject it and store it away for later. The sensations that we feel never just disappear if they are unpleasant to our conscious mind. Instead, our bodies hold onto all of the experiences that we have ever felt, all of the moments of fear and joy and love and pain. Interestingly, our bodies hold on even more strongly to those memories and sensations of which we disapprove, and our bodies allow us to release those feelings which we embrace with full acceptance.

It all really boils down to where we are holding onto shameful sensations. Hint: more than likely, if you are not yet a fully enlightened, fully awakened human being, you experience some sort of shame in some aspect of your life. And it sucks. So ask yourself this…

What are your sensations telling you?

What would your life look like if you fully approved of your full present experience?


Enjoy this month’s collection, and we hope you’ll join the movement.

Big thanks,

Maria Borghoff, GROOVE curator


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