collection 03.17

Often times we associate the act of stretching with the physical act of lengthening our muscles by holding our bodies in specific positions. But there are many ways we can stretch ourselves…

We can stretch our minds… by learning new information and allowing it to inform our current understanding.

We can stretch our energy… by spending it wisely and limiting the energy we waste on things outside our control.

We can stretch our relationships… by always being authentic and inviting others to do the same even when it feels scary and vulnerable.

We can stretch our beliefs… by holding ourselves accountable to the future consequences of our ideas.

Coincidentally, the latin root of the word attend is “to stretch,” which actually makes so much sense. In order to be fully present in a situation, we must actively wrap our attention around that experience. Sometimes this wrapping or stretching happens externally when we physically embrace another person. Sometimes this wrapping happens internally when we apply 100% of our body, mind, and energy to experience the fullness of the present moment. Attendance goes beyond simply showing up, signing your name, and going through the motions.

Being in full attendance means that we are actively stretching ourselves.

We go BEYOND what our senses initially perceive.

We go OUTSIDE the confines of our comfortable, pre-conceived notions about our identity and the world.

We go DEEPER WITHIN ourselves to discover a place that is always open to receive more.

Because there is a fine line between trying really hard to pay attention and effortlessly synching up with the fullness of your present experience. Attending our lives should not be draining, nor should it feel unnatural. It might – it might actually be really fucking hard at the beginning when we’ve become so used to habitual living. But ultimately, and with time, attending to the beautiful, intricate details of our lives should be the most rewarding and nourishing experience we could ever have.

It should feel as if we are sucking sweet nectar out of a bottomless pot.

It should feel as if we are tapping into a reservoir of endless energy, here solely for our enjoyment.

We’ve all got a million things to do and even more places to be, so how can we discover a sense of ease while attending our lives? What does it look like when we fully apply our mind and energy to every moment of our day?

I hope you enjoy this month’s collection, and we hope you’ll join the dance.

Big thanks,

Maria Borghoff, GROOVE curator


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