collection 02.17

Last night I dreamt that I could fly.

Feeling an urge to move quickly from one place to another, I felt weightless as my feet effortlessly launched my body into the air. Each of my steps were 10 feet long, and my legs bounded me up and down. It felt as if I had springs beneath the soles of my feet and the pull of gravity had decreased. Upon waking, I felt myself sink back into my heavy body, tangled in my warm but smothering bedsheets. With each passing moment, I grew more distant from my ability to fly through space. I felt a sharp separation between the immediacy of action in my dream, and the slowness of the physical world in my reality.

Part of me resents the heaviness of my body, longing to live in a world where humans can soar through the sky upon our own beck and call. At the same time, I am grateful for my body’s limitations, remembering how radical mutations of my dreams have quickly turned into nightmares.

Water is the element that embodies both the power of slowness and the beauty that only a gradual sense of transformation can create. Take a look at the Grand Canyon or the rolling hills of the Appalachian mountains or the shapes of earth’s continents. It is almost unnatural for things to remain the same, but the rate at which change occurs can tell us a great deal about the potential direction we are moving.

Sometimes, lasting changes occur through slow, gradual shifts.

photo by Josephine Wood

I believe in the alchemical nature of our world, a magical reality existing beneath the surface of what our senses directly perceive. I can’t help but revere the transformative power contained within forces that are seemingly invisible, yet undeniably present. Maybe there is more potential in the subtle adjustments than we might think. Maybe we can move toward our desires with greater ease by respecting the small shifts that we make on a daily basis. Perhaps we must hold sacred our individual limitations and embrace the slowness of our experience in order to create real changes, in ourselves and our world.

Will you choose to follow the natural tides of change?

Or will you choose to shift with intention?

I hope you enjoy this month’s collection, and please reach out to learn how you can contribute next month.

Big thanks,

Maria Borghoff, GROOVE curator


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