(n.) a familiar pattern established out of habit or repeitition

(v.) to move harmoniously, effortlessly in synch with internal and external rhythms


Our mission at GROOVE Studio is to move forward…

We provide a public platform to share integrative health and collaborative artwork for curious and courageous people who want to make a difference in the world. Our community thrives when we practice harmonious living through creative learning. GROOVE Studio believes that every individual can create positive change in the world, and we are all here to find our groove and keep moving forward.

Based in Atlanta, GA, we offer group classes, private sessions, weekend retreats, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and an online Community Blog.


Maria Borghoff, BFA & 500-RYT, is an artist, Yoga teacher and studio director at GROOVE. She works with curious and courageous people to reclaim their creative power by combining alignment-based Yoga, meditation, art-making, and nutrition. Maria has taught in museums, studios, and universities across the country, and her work explores the intersection of creativity, healing, and sexuality. Inspired by integrative health and collaborative artwork, she studies Tantra Hatha Yoga, sculpture, drawing, Somatic Psychology, Qi Gong, and Ayurveda. She offers private sessions and group classes on a sliding scale.


Join the movement!

If you want to collaborate with GROOVE in any way imaginable, then please reach out. We are always welcoming new blog contributors, workshop hosts, and research artists. So show us some love, and Maria will be in contact with you shortly…