Water Over My Body

May 1st, May Day, Beltane, Easter, Spring…

Which ever word resonates best with you, they all refer to a magical and reverent season. Most recently, I have been gleaning knowledge of invisible rhythms and connections by taking time to be aware of things outside of myself.

Fatima-De-woven silkscreen image

Joy! by Maria Ramos, screen print on de-woven fabric in acrylic.

This time of year brings so much renewed energy – the natural world buzzing with so much new life that it can almost feel overwhelming. The spring has been become a great source of insight and inspiration for me, but oftentimes coming so quickly that I have to be careful to not become swollen with ideas. Lately, I’ve been focusing on staying centered, and I have discovered the inherent abilities of food to help me create balance – in my body, ideas, and life. For nourishment, I am turning to fresh, preferably local, seasonal fruits and vegetables. I have also found that pouring water over my body is very helpful, as well as throat singing, giving me an earthy sense of grounding that keeps me centered and able to realize the ideas for my art and reach my highest potential.
Maria Ramos is an artist living and working outside Atlanta, Georgia.
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