Garden of Inspiration

Have you met someone who greets you, as a stranger, with the warmest heart and a beaming smile? Their hands hold a steadiness and their gaze a certainty that you admire upon first meeting. Lisa Benton is one of those people. As a student in one of my previous art + yoga classes, she infused a liveliness in our weekly classes that would have been greatly missed otherwise.

Living in rural North Carolina, Lisa admits to finding nourishment from visits to local galleries as well as her vegetable garden, describing it as a source that fills her idea pool. The inspiration for her latest ceramic Leaf Series came from a palm in her backyard, pictured below, and she describes her love of paisley and how the flow of the palm speaks to her.





Lisa describes herself as a “dabbler” and a doting grandmother. Working in many media including watercolor and ceramics, she holds onto a playfulness yet reverence in her approach to art making. Perhaps we all need our own garden of inspiration.


Maria Borghoff is an artist, yoga teacher, and curator at GROOVE Studio. She shares the practice of harmonious living with people who want to create positive change in the world, combining movement, meditation, art-making, nutrition and daily rituals.

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