Mother Tongue

Earth Day is a dedication that reminds us each year, and hopefully more often, to celebrate the gifts that this abundant planet has given us. The Blue Heron Nature Preserve in Atlanta, GA hosts an annual outdoor art exhibition titled The Art of Nature. This year, artists were asked to submit works under the theme Treespeak, and artists Maria Borghoff and Maurice LeCroy collaborated in building three large, interactive sculptures to hang from the trees, dispersed throughout the local preserve.

Mother Tongue is a suspended sculpture that beckons a conversation with nature. Bamboo columns dangle from a simple construction that includes natural and synthetic materials as well as muted and vibrant colors. Although natural elements such as wind and rain will cause the columns to chime against one another, viewers are invited to gently manipulate the central clapper and experience the joy of listening.

The outdoor exhibit will be on display through June 2 at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve.