Playlist: Attend


Beginning with life’s number one commandment, Respect Yourself, this month’s Groove playlist is intended to inspire you to attend your life. Not just simply clicking “interested” on Facebook, but showing up in all aspects of the word. Whether it’s taking action to stop social injustice, being more present in a meeting at work or resolving to be more assertive (my current goal), we can literally work wonders by fully applying our mind and energy.

Imagine if our collective consciousness avoided half-assing it and decided to pay full attention. This is a playlist full of stories about showing up for yourself, the results of being present and reminders to ameliorate our circumstances, however negative they might seem. Whether it’s getting a little Mad or remembering to Leave the Light On, you’ll find lyrics and melodies which will please you, make you uncomfortable, and inspire you to do something.

Because this is no time to sit back.

Kevin Morby’s sparse and poignant, poetic lyricism on “Perfect Strangers” challenges you to fully attend your life –  for yourself, for each other, for us all.

Pray for Paris

They cannot scare us

Or stop the music

You got a sweet voice, child

Why don’t you use it?

If I die too young, if the gunmen come, I’m full of love

So release me, every piece of me, up above



by Josephine Wood