Embodied Leadership

Attend by Eric Boehm

Embodied Leadership
Your presence holds the space
for your consciousness
energy move freely
through you.
Life force rising
from the base of your spine.
Bringing to life your body,
your dreams,
your ideas.
Through movement
and action
your mind’s visions
take form.
They become part of
your reality
and maybe,
the reality of others.
The form,
a representation of
what was once invisible,
dissolves back again
into the energetic field
where it came from.
Back to consciousness.
The dance of life.
The one thing,
that separates into two,
to give life to a third thing,
through you.
Stay open,
in your body,
so you can follow the impulses,
direct the attention
into what is at hand now,
while you hold the bigger vision
that is moving you.
With every breath,
you create a golden thread,
between the tiny part,
and the all.
Before the action,
seat quietly,
and listen.
What wants to be created through you?
Embodied Leadership
is feeling and allowing,
is life giving,
is detachment,
is dissolving.
Embodied Leadership
creates again. And again.
Not seeking perfection,
for it is never achieved.
Embodied Leadership
seeks creation and
for the highest good of all.
Text by Samiel Carolina
Art by Eric Boehm