Doorway to the Divine

There is a doorway to the divine that they have kept secret from you.

It’s facade is not decorated nor brightly colored.

It’s location is not obstructed nor hidden far away.

It’s handles are not locked with a key, and secrets never stay kept for long.


There is a doorway to the divine that whispers its wisdom while you sleep.

It knows nothing of success or failure.

It understands not the language you speak upon waking.

It seems uninterested in whether you suffer or smile.

And whispering, it grins with desire.




There is a doorway to the divine that you have already entered.

The opening is not unfamiliar or foreign or obscene.

The path brings you to a place you’ve been before, and the place you will return again.

The space it conceals is within your own heart.

And you can enter it

again and again

until you become the doors

until you become the divine.


by Maria Borghoff