When Your Nipples Match Your Shoes

Courtney Rivenbark is an multi-media artist living in Wilmington, NC. The week after the Women’s March on Washington, she created this compelling image that immediately had me drooling on the floor. She posted her illustration on Facebook with the words…

“When your nipples match your shoes.”


illustration by Courtney Rivenbark

Personally, I was aroused beyond belief. The image and title (that I am choosing to give it) references so many feelings that have been recently circulating. It captures the uncomfortable nuances of our current situation, where a reality television star has taken office as President of the United States and we have now witnessed the largest regional and international protest led by women or any other group.

Rivenbark’s illustration leaves me asking a few simple questions…

What does it mean to be a woman?

What does it mean to be queer?

What does it mean to be human?

Because we all have nipples, and we all hope to have a decent pair of shoes. 

Maybe are are more alike than we think.

Maybe we are stronger when we love each other for who we are.

Maybe we are more powerful when we are united.


by Maria Borghoff