Playlist: Shift

There’s no doubt a shift is happening right now in the world.

Grassroots movements like the Women’s March are organizing in record numbers, U.S. Senators are experiencing the highest volume of calls in history and Miriam-Webster is subtweeting the president. These not-so-subtle signs of change may inspire hope, despair, unrest, anxiety and a range of other emotions, but music can be your therapy.

Seeking refuge in song can transport you. Press play and shift into a trance-like state with this playlist, featuring Lucy Dacus’ song of self-realization, a Wallflowers-esque tune about break ups, Swedish lad Jens Lekman’s upbeat story of 3D printing a tumour and Rubblebucket’s reminder that you Came Out of a Lady. You get a break from the oddities with relief from Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Natural Child.

Escape the end of America political upheaval in musical reverie. During these times, self-care is of the highest importance and music is a free, no calorie way to treat yourself. Indulge in new tunes and share them with friends.

As the Beach Boys croon “Don’t worry, baby.”

By Josephine Wood