Be Our Valentine

Claire Bilbao is an artist, healer, and all-around magical fairy, and she gifted GROOVE a Valentine’s Day card.

And we couldn’t be blushing harder.

So we want to ask you:

What are you falling in love with this month?

What are you working on in your spare time?

What is that secret creative hobby that you hide from the world?

Do you think it might actually benefit others if you shared it?

Because GROOVE is here to publish your work, no strings attached. We believe that if we exercise our creativity and support others to do the same, it might actually make our lives a little better. Maybe you’ll meet someone new. Maybe you’ll collaborate on a project you could have never done by yourself. Maybe you’ll learn that you are really freaking good at writing, painting, photography, or collecting.

But you have to start somewhere. You have to make something.

And then magical things will unfold.

And maybe you’ll fall in love ❤


Valentine by Claire Bilbao