Constant Crisis

Multidisciplinary artist Maria Borghoff is a Tantra Yoga and meditation teacher who has recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia. This indigo, hand-dyed fabric construction began as a process experiment in a friend’s backyard. Oddly intrigued by the folds in the fabric and the web of intricate dye patterns, Borghoff held onto the unfinished piece without complete assurance as to why or what it would turn into.

One evening, in a fit of anxiety and obsessive worrying, Borghoff began drawing a cluster of chaotic lines that seemed to both emerge and expand outward while also appearing to fall into some sort of center.

Immediately, she titled the piece Constant Crisis and shortly after realized that she has subconsciously drawn the web of indigo patterns from the same piece of fabric she had been hoarding. With a clearer direction, Borghoff finished the fabric by stitching a simple border along the top edge, which folds over and hangs about one fifth of the way down the length of the piece. The elementary stitching on one edge of the fabric suggests a faint border around the whole piece, separating it from the background of the white walls, while also emphasizing a simplistic repetition that is less obvious in the dye patterns. Even the folded top portion implies a sense of physical dimension that is already visually present.


Constant Crisis, Maria Borghoff; 

These subtleties are not components created out of thin air, but instead they come from a sort of giving in to time and space, a pause that lets the work speak for itself. Its much different than brainstorming, which some artists might refer to as “sifting” or “brewing.” Rather, giving a work some space to breathe and to be unfinished can allow for a more effortless unfolding of the end product and a conceptual depth that comes from an unattached rumination.

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