Creative Social Stewardship, Feb 16

Calling artists, activists, educators, social workers:

Creative Social Stewardship is a method of community engagement. Tap into your whimsical, radical, colorful, innovative self to foster and preserve inclusive, emotionally sustainable community environments that combat social stigma, discrimination, and systemic oppression through outward creative expression.

Upcoming [Online] Event: Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 7 – 9 pm EST

Click here to register.

Creative expression comes in many forms, not just ones we consider to be “art.” Learn the philosophy of Creative Social Stewardship, which includes methods for community engagement, communal activisms, and self care. Moving from practical to radical, participants will leave with tools to take action on important social issues with compassion, awareness, clear intention and inspiration!

Cara Hagan is an artist of many genres, and she works to create spaces for social justice actions to take place. For the past ten years, Cara has worked to meld her love of education, creativity and social justice to create her philosophy of Creative Social Stewardship. If you’re looking to imbue your work in the new year with inspiration and new ways of looking at how we engage and build community, mark your calendars and register as spaces are limited!


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